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Monday, February 14, 2011

Chronic Ear Infection

Chronic ear infections generally manifest themselves as an inflammation or infection of the ear. For something to be chronic, means it happens over and over again and is not a one time instance. Ear infections and inflammations may cause permanent hearing loss and or damage to the ear.

For starters, let's clear up the difference between a chronic and acute ear infection. An acute ear infection hurts. There is severe pain associated with acute ear infections. People suffering acute ear infections usually head to a doctor fairly rapidly to relieve the pain.

A chronic ear infection is a little bit different. There may be pain, but some incidences occur without pain, or with mild pain. Because the pain is mild or bearable, many people try to ignore chronic ear infections. This is a mistake. Untreated ear infections can lead to hearing loss or permanent injury to the ear. [Search for chronic ear infection]

Therefore, knowing the signs and symptoms may help identify a chronic ear infection:

1. Pain in the ear. The levels of pain may vary. Pain may sometimes be felt as pressure in the ear.

2. Fever

3. Crankiness (or fussiness in children)

4. Puss-like substances draining from the ear

5. Loss of hearing

The symptoms of a chronic ear infection are not always limited to one ear. They may be experienced in one or both ears. They also may not be constant; they can come and go.

Some chronic ear infections may be caused by bacterial infections. In this case, a doctor may recommend antibiotics to help the body heal. Antibiotics are taken orally or intravenously and may be prescribed for a lengthy period of time. Some chronic ear infections can result in a hole in the ear drum. In this case, antibiotic drops will most likely be prescribed to take in the ear. [Search for chronic ear infection]

In some cases surgery may be required. Some patients may have tissue buildup that needs to be removed by a surgeon. Other patients may require surgery to clear the infection out of the mastoid bone. Other patients may require surgery to repair or replace the small bones in the middle ear region. Some patients may require surgical reparation of the ear drum. 

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leaky Gut Disease - What It Is And How You Get It

If you've experienced any of the symptoms of Leaky Gut Disease, then the chances are you spend more time thinking about your gut than you want.

Actually most people don't seem to really want to spend too much time thinking about their gut at all. But did you know that it's responsible for 80% of your immunity? It is the major point of entry for foreign antigens, and the only thing that prevents your entire system from being exposed to those potentially harmful substances is the mucosal barrier of your gut. [Search for Leaky Gut Disease ]

Once this barrier becomes damaged you'll experience what's known as Leaky Gut Disease or Syndrome. Although it's not technically a disease - more a nickname for "increased intestinal permeability" - the effects are still very noticeable. You can experience a huge range of illness and symptoms. This could include fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, poor memory, shortness of breath and recurring infections. It can also range anywhere from skin rashes and acne to constipation, irritable bowel and bloating.

So how do you "get" Leaky Gut? Well, among other things, by living in the modern world. One of the primary factors that can lead to Leaky Gut is a poor diet. When a diet is low in fiber, the transit time of food in the digestive system slows down and that allows the toxic by-products of digestion more time to irritate the gut's protective mucosal lining. When the lining is irritated and damaged, it can't perform its "barrier function" and prevent toxins from entering the blood stream. The highly processed foods of the modern diet are notoriously low in fiber as well as the nutrients the body needs for repairs. What's more, these "modern" foods contain high levels of additives, fats, and sugars (all of which can promote inflammation of the gut) and low levels of necessary nutrients such as zinc.

There are more modern culprits, including medicine. Many of the medicines used today can aggravate the symptoms - even medicines you may take for Leaky Gut itself! NSAIDs are known to contribute to damage of the mucosal lining, and birth control drugs can stimulate the growth of fungi which damages the lining. Some cancer treatments can also disrupt the way our digestive system works.

Other things that are known to be contributing factors include immune overload, parasites, bacteria, chronic stress, gastrointestinal disease and excessive alcohol consumption.

All of this may make you think that you just have to live with your condition: The causes of Leaky Gut Disease probably seem unavoidable. And many people feel they can manage their symptoms enough to "get by."

Unfortunately, what begins as a few small complaints can quickly develop into a worsening condition with symptoms that increase as time goes by. The damage to the gut will worsen with time, and so will the ability of the body to manage seemingly small symptoms. If action isn't taken to reverse the damage then it gets harder and harder for the body to make the enzymes it needs to repair itself.

The good news is that Leaky Gut Disease doesn't have to progress - there are a number of things you can do to make it better, but those would make another article. [Search for Leaky Gut Disease ]

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Physical Exercise And Vitamin Supplements Would Help Sustain Healthy Bones And Joints

A large number of people today experience serious joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis at an sooner than usual age. These unbearable illnesses have an impact on over 20 Million Americans and are attributable to either of 2 causes; a lifetime of moving that reduces the cartilage or an inflammatory process that occurs if your body is in toxic overload.

The good thing is that the two of these conditions may be stopped and avoided by the young and the old. The key is staying away from all drugs; nourishing your body with what it needs in addition to keeping away from what it doesn't need such as red meat, flour and sugar; physical exercise that assists maintain healthy bones and joints; and supplementation with high quality nutritional vitamins.

Even though our bodies require a mixture of about 59 essential nutrients on a routine time frame, there are several nutrients that stand out in relation to fighting Joint Pain and Arthritis. Glucosamine Sulfate, fresh ginger, and fatty acids within these oils: Cod Liver, Flaxseed, Olive and Coconut.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of the most miss-diagnosed disorders by traditional doctors. They either do not consider that it's an actual illness or they don't fully grasp enough about it. And those physicians that do accept it as being a sickness prescribe medical treatments that do absolutely nothing to remedy it for example antidepressants. Prescription drugs don't handle the cause of ailment and in reality, do more harm.

One way of alleviating Chronic Fatigue is to ensure your mitochondria are operating properly. Mitochondria are tiny structures that live inside our cells. They make energy in the form of a chemical known as adenosine triphosphate.

Supplementing with a good quality multivitamin is a start. Additionally helpful is Magnesium, Potassium, L-Glutamine, Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10. Even more important, remember to avoid all medications; nourish your body with what it needs and steering clear of what it does not need such as red meat, flour, sugar and all processed "fake" foods.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Highlight: Best Kept Strategies to Healthier Aging: Physical exercise, Health and Long life

The analysis is clear: Normal physical exercise extends human existence. Among the information confirming this observation are the results of the Harvard Alumni Well being Examine. Over the 15 years during which these 13,486 men were studied, age at demise was elevated considerably in proportion towards the distance walked daily, the number of stories of stairs climbed daily and also the quantity of vigorous physical physical exercise that was included in every day's actions. Another examine of 19,223 initially healthy men found that cardiorespiratory fitness reduced both the incidence of premature demise and also the incidence of demise from cardiovascular disease by 54%.

The close relationship between physical activity and existence extension was confirmed by the 24-year potential Nurses' Health Study. Among these 116,564 ladies in the US, increasing the amount of program physical activity performed daily decreased the chances of dying prematurely, with the decrease first appearing when regular physical activity exceeds three.five hrs per week. These investigators estimated that the combination of smoking cessation, maintaining BMI below 26 and participation in regular physical activity in extra of three.five hrs per week could prevent 31% of all untimely deaths.

One group of investigators concluded that increasing the amount of program physical activity can decrease the risk for untimely death by about 1 quarter. Another group estimated that "at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days of the week" can decrease the risk of untimely death by about one-third.
Among a 69,693-woman subset of the Nurses' Health Study, the likelihood of suffering a coronary heart assault was doubled in ladies who habitually failed to exercise a minimum of twice weekly, although 4 or much more hrs of exercise a week cut the risk of dying from a coronary heart assault in half. The cardioprotective properties of normal habitual exercise also are apparent in men; in the 12-year potential Physicians' Health Study, the chances of dying from a coronary heart assault had been reduced by 85% in men who habitually exercised a minimum of five times weekly. The data collected throughout that examine indicate that merely running for 1 hour per week or lifting weights for 30 minutes once a week reduces the chances of creating coronary heart disease. Similarly in the US, the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study of 73,743 postmenopausal ladies observed a 20% decrease in the incidence of cardiovascular disease among ladies who exercised routinely. Other scientists have concluded that, on average, the likelihood of dying from coronary heart disease is about 90% greater in sedentary adults than in those who are physically active.

The author of a comprehensive examination of the well being advantages of physical exercise, printed lately in Australian Family Doctor concluded that a 40-minute session of resistance exercise, only once or twice a week (but a minimum of 48 hrs apart to permit for maximum muscle recovery and growth) will increase strength and neuromuscular coordination in older males and women. Higher strength and coordination will improve mobility and will make stumbling and falling - and breaking bones - less likely. The danger of fractures is exceedingly high with advancing age. Weight-bearing exercise is critical for retaining wholesome bone density and strengthening bone matrix. More healthy bones lead to a decreased danger of osteoporotic bone fractures.

Regular Physical exercise Minimizes Systemic Irritation

Physical exercise also contributes to the health of the entire body - even those "parts" not involved in the exercise itself. Scientific proof presented in an article printed lately in the Journal of Applied Physiology demonstrates that simply because exercise increases the secretion of the anti-inflammatory cytokine, interleukin-6 (IL-6), by muscle cells into the blood stream, and IL-6 inhibits the secretion of the pro-inflammatory cytokine, tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF-a) all through the body, regular participation in physical activity will decrease the level of disease-causing inflammation all through the body.

Normal Exercise Minimizes Cancer Danger

Several specific examples of the positive advantages of regular physical exercise on irritation and also the immune system are obvious. The scientific proof is constant: the enormous quantity of information collected from the 51,529 men who participated in the Well being Professionals Follow-Up Examine and also the 121,701 women who participated in the Nurses' Well being Examine confirm that regular participation in physical activity cuts the chances of creating cancer of the colon or pancreas by half. In its 2006 "white paper," printed in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the American Society of Clinical Oncology concluded that regular physical exercise decreases the chances that a women will develop breast cancer and decreases the chances that a breast cancer survivor will suffer a recurrence.

According to the results of a lately printed study, participation in normal physical exercise has been proven to slow down the rate at which existing prostate cancer worsens. Women benefit, too - analysis printed lately in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that 1 hour of regular physical exercise daily increases the survival of women with breast cancer. Further analysis demonstrates that 1 hour of regular physical exercise daily increases the high quality of existence and decreases fatigue in breast cancer survivors.

Regular Physical exercise Reduces ALL Illness Risk

The author of a comprehensive examination of the health advantages of physical activity concluded that "there is irrefutable proof of the effectiveness of normal physical activity in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression, osteoporosis and premature demise." The higher the increase in physical fitness, the higher the reduction in the risk of premature demise. Overall, doubling the physical exercise capacity of an individual reduces the risk of premature demise by about 50%.

Regular Physical exercise Enhances the Quality of Previous Age

One of the greatest fears of adults is reaching previous age in a debilitated, dysfunctional condition - riddled with disease and on multiple medications. Aging this way isn't necessary - by slowing down the march to diseases and debilitating situations, doubling your musculoskeletal fitness can delay the onset of loss of functional independence by 10 to 30 years. Physical exercise considerably enhances high quality of existence and general productivity.

Regular Physical exercise as a Key to Weight Management

Exercising on a constant basis (along with healthy dietary practices) enhances our capability to maintain a healthy physique fat. Becoming overweight or obese is really a main factor in creating several chronic illnesses. Sustaining a healthy physique fat reduces our risk of creating individuals same illnesses by reducing overall irritation in the physique.

By becoming overweight, we put ourselves at increased risk of diseases and situations for example diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, sleep issues, asthma, digestive disorders, liver issues, joint situations and arthritis, and a number of kinds of most cancers. 21 cancers of the stomach, colon, rectum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, prostate, kidneys, breast and reproductive organs are all much more typical in people who are overweight.

Establishing a regimen of normal, program exercise can assist us make sure that we burn off the extra calories we get from our diets. By helping us reach a body weight that is healthy, exercise wards off diseases and lays the foundation for health. By exercising regularly, we can all much more fully encounter the wonders of existence in a healthier and much more active state for much, much longer.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chronic Abdominal Pain

Chronic abdominal pain arises as a result of the organs which are present in the abdominal cavity. It may perhaps also arise from the tissues surrounding the abdominal wall. Even if the surrounding organs of the abdomen experience any pain, it is automatically felt by the abdomen itself. Few organs of the body like kidneys, lungs or uterus may also be the trigger of pain. So the pain can be felt even away from abdomen. Chronic abdominal pain is caused as a result of inflammation, or swelling of the liver or because of los of blood supply to the organs of the body. This pain might be experienced by any person who is above five years of age.

Chronic abdominal pain may be for a continuous period of time or it can happen intermittently which may well continue for additional than four months. The pain might be from gastrointestinal or from any gynaecological tracts of the body. Many times the trigger is unknown. Constipation is said to be 1 of the key trigger of chronic abdominal pain. Pain may be mild or extremely severe and sometimes it lasts from ten minutes to thirty minutes

The child may perhaps have lot of inconvenience to pass the stools or she might even pass challenging stools. The bowel movement might be entirely disturbed. Another reason might be the lactose intolerance. The child might not be able to digest lactase an enzyme present in milk and this causes allergy and results in chronic abdominal pain. Intestinal infections also could result in abdominal pain. Medication can be continued to avoid the infection.

There can be a possibility of a difficulty even in abdominal organ (liver, kidney or pancreas) of a child or adult which could be the trigger of pain in abdomen. Women experience abdominal pain throughout the menstrual periods along with back pain for about four to six days. Women can take ibuprofen to subside the pain and feel comfortable throughout that period. If any of the symptoms are associated with severe pain it's greater to see a physician for proper diagnosis and further treatment

The physician may well advise for urine test, stool test and x-ray to have a complete and clear vision of the pain in abdomen. Whilst the person experiences severe pain she or he may well be irritated and frustated with the pain. It is greater to give complete support to them at that specific moment. To prevent such type of pain, try to maintain your health by excercising regularly and consuming nutritious food along with fruits and vegetables.

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