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Monday, February 14, 2011

Chronic Ear Infection

Chronic ear infections generally manifest themselves as an inflammation or infection of the ear. For something to be chronic, means it happens over and over again and is not a one time instance. Ear infections and inflammations may cause permanent hearing loss and or damage to the ear.

For starters, let's clear up the difference between a chronic and acute ear infection. An acute ear infection hurts. There is severe pain associated with acute ear infections. People suffering acute ear infections usually head to a doctor fairly rapidly to relieve the pain.

A chronic ear infection is a little bit different. There may be pain, but some incidences occur without pain, or with mild pain. Because the pain is mild or bearable, many people try to ignore chronic ear infections. This is a mistake. Untreated ear infections can lead to hearing loss or permanent injury to the ear. [Search for chronic ear infection]

Therefore, knowing the signs and symptoms may help identify a chronic ear infection:

1. Pain in the ear. The levels of pain may vary. Pain may sometimes be felt as pressure in the ear.

2. Fever

3. Crankiness (or fussiness in children)

4. Puss-like substances draining from the ear

5. Loss of hearing

The symptoms of a chronic ear infection are not always limited to one ear. They may be experienced in one or both ears. They also may not be constant; they can come and go.

Some chronic ear infections may be caused by bacterial infections. In this case, a doctor may recommend antibiotics to help the body heal. Antibiotics are taken orally or intravenously and may be prescribed for a lengthy period of time. Some chronic ear infections can result in a hole in the ear drum. In this case, antibiotic drops will most likely be prescribed to take in the ear. [Search for chronic ear infection]

In some cases surgery may be required. Some patients may have tissue buildup that needs to be removed by a surgeon. Other patients may require surgery to clear the infection out of the mastoid bone. Other patients may require surgery to repair or replace the small bones in the middle ear region. Some patients may require surgical reparation of the ear drum. 

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