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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chronic Abdominal Pain

Chronic abdominal pain arises as a result of the organs which are present in the abdominal cavity. It may perhaps also arise from the tissues surrounding the abdominal wall. Even if the surrounding organs of the abdomen experience any pain, it is automatically felt by the abdomen itself. Few organs of the body like kidneys, lungs or uterus may also be the trigger of pain. So the pain can be felt even away from abdomen. Chronic abdominal pain is caused as a result of inflammation, or swelling of the liver or because of los of blood supply to the organs of the body. This pain might be experienced by any person who is above five years of age.

Chronic abdominal pain may be for a continuous period of time or it can happen intermittently which may well continue for additional than four months. The pain might be from gastrointestinal or from any gynaecological tracts of the body. Many times the trigger is unknown. Constipation is said to be 1 of the key trigger of chronic abdominal pain. Pain may be mild or extremely severe and sometimes it lasts from ten minutes to thirty minutes

The child may perhaps have lot of inconvenience to pass the stools or she might even pass challenging stools. The bowel movement might be entirely disturbed. Another reason might be the lactose intolerance. The child might not be able to digest lactase an enzyme present in milk and this causes allergy and results in chronic abdominal pain. Intestinal infections also could result in abdominal pain. Medication can be continued to avoid the infection.

There can be a possibility of a difficulty even in abdominal organ (liver, kidney or pancreas) of a child or adult which could be the trigger of pain in abdomen. Women experience abdominal pain throughout the menstrual periods along with back pain for about four to six days. Women can take ibuprofen to subside the pain and feel comfortable throughout that period. If any of the symptoms are associated with severe pain it's greater to see a physician for proper diagnosis and further treatment

The physician may well advise for urine test, stool test and x-ray to have a complete and clear vision of the pain in abdomen. Whilst the person experiences severe pain she or he may well be irritated and frustated with the pain. It is greater to give complete support to them at that specific moment. To prevent such type of pain, try to maintain your health by excercising regularly and consuming nutritious food along with fruits and vegetables.

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