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Friday, November 19, 2010

Arthritis With Age - Relieve Your Joint Pain In Hands The Natural Way

by Ann Louise

Does your Joint pain in hand affect your daily activities? What do you do when you feel your shoulder crack when you're carrying heavy loads? Are you looking for joint pain remedies that would ease the problem?

Our shoulders are the most movable joint in our body. Swelling, tearing or inflammation causes too much pain that often radiates at the back or in the neck. This is because of arthritis, or the inflammation of your joints.

Joint pain in hand is caused by a progressive degeneration of bones and joint as you age. Sometimes it caused by activities which often requires continuous shoulder use or in some cases, injury or trauma. It can also be caused by shoulder dislocation or inflammation of nearby tendons.

Due to the high rising medical innovation, new inventions and researches have come up in contribution for arthritis and joint pains. Joint pain remedies include medications like pain relievers and analgesics, home treatments, herbal supplements and surgical management for severe cases.

Home care treatment for joint pain in the shoulder may include the following:
1. Applying ice for 15 minutes will help ease the pain. Don't apply ice directly to skin. Wrap it in a towel or a cloth.
2. Take a rest for a few days until the pain subsides.
3. An analgesic will help reduce the pain.

Prevention of complications includes:
1. Don't resume to a strenuous activity just after a shoulder pain.
2. Consult a physical therapist for a proper shoulder exercise.
3. Know the difference between angina and joint pain on the shoulders. Sometimes a heart attack can be mistaken for shoulder arthritis. This can be life threatening.

Knowing what you should do and how will you do it is necessary in any situation. Choosing the correct joint pain remedies will avoid serious complications. When you're experiencing Joint pain in hand, don't just ignore it; look for remedies that would ease your problems. - 39969

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