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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why We Can't Do Without Cholesterol

by Sean Olson

Cholesterol has its positive and negative sides and still, not so many people have this information. Amidst the debate, some people speak from more informed positions than others. We bet you did not know that you may die if you do not take any cholesterol.

The bulk of the material that makes the cells walls is made up of cholesterol. Other uses of cholesterol are to ease metabolism, boost immunity and monitor stress. It is needed in making bile, an indispensable compound for digesting fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

Cholesterol prepares the way for vitamin D and helps the process of nerve transmission. It is crucial when it comes to the uptake of serotonin in our brains.

Serotonin is a hormone that is required to help fight off depression apathy and all those troubles to do with emotions. If the serotonin was in our body but there was no means of the body using it, people would become fragile, being unable to well up any strength to do anything because they are depressed.

Other than just fighting off depression, cholesterol is an active ingredient needed to tone down the outcomes of advanced glycation. It does well in letting us maintain that appearance that would otherwise lack. Tissues are left to be flexible, allowing them to fight disease.

The measurements of cholesterol are done in LDL or HDL format. However, the two molecules are not different they are one. A molecule that was thought to be a low density one can in no time fill up and transform into a high density molecule in minutes. The reverse is also possible with a high-density molecule shedding off fat and becoming a LDL type molecule.

The worst myth about cholesterol is that if you eat foods that have fat, you will have the cholesterol levels in your body sky rocketing. That is a false one.

To show how low people fell for that myth, the Framingham study can be used to convince you that there is no connection between cholesterol in the body and the diet we take. The Framingham study, which shares the same viewpoint with the American HeartAssociation, proves that dieting and the levels of the serum cholesterol present in the body do not depend on each other. - 39969

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