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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Women's Talk - Risk Of Heart Disease In Women

by Ann Louise

Women are more at risked for having heart diseases than men, because they are more susceptible to stress and hormonal imbalances. How will women deal with it? Let's discuss risk of heart disease in women and their prevention.

Heart problems are the world's most wanted criminals. They could attack any age, any race, or any gender. Though women are more risked than men, it doesn't mean that they should take this for granted. The risk factors could be your guidelines on how susceptible you are and how will you prevent the occurrence as well.

Factors affecting the risk of heart disease in women are divided into two groups: The Modifiable risk factors and Non-modifiable risk factors. Non-modifiable literally means 'cannot be altered'. These factors cannot be used in the prevention but here you will know how susceptible you are. They are genetics, family history of heart problems, age, pregnancy, hormonal problems and other congenital illness.

Modifiable risk factors are cigarette smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, lowered resistance, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, depression, anxiety and chronic stress. These factors if altered or modified could prevent a pending heart disease.

Why women are more prone in having heart problems? Women are emotional individuals. This is because of their hormones. The fluctuation of their hormones changes their moods, so they are prone to anxiety, depression and crying spells. In addition to that, they are more prone to stress and heavy workloads.

Stress, depression and other psychological problems could be managed by psychotherapy like yoga, relaxation exercises, group therapies and anti-stress activities. They should have time to have and enjoy. They should also avoid having heart aches. Young women are more susceptible to this.

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