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Monday, November 29, 2010

Chronic Back Pain Relief - Ways To Deal With Recurring Back Pain

by Chris Fargas

Back pain can be a serious problem. Chronic or acute back pain is both extremely distressful and can be seriously debilitating. This article is going to explore the self help methods and treatments that you can use to achieve chronic back pain relief.

Fortunately, in the majority of cases, chronic back pain is a condition than can be effectively treated. Here are a few recommended treatments you can try initially to see if they ease the symptoms. Alternate heat and cold packs to the area, This will keep the circulation flowing and relax the back muscles and reduce inflammation. Finally, it's worth trying some of the "off the shelf" medications in conjunction with gentle exercising.

A simple tactic for chronic back pain relief to try is continuing with your usual routines. It is certainly not a good idea to refrain from activity as this can allow the cause of the pain to become more entrenched. Better to try and "work it" through gently. Activity and regular exercise are always recommended to keep your body in good shape, and things such as swimming or going for short walks, may help.

Keeping active is an excellent way of treating chronic back pain. It exercises the affected area and helps to keep you mobile, Inactivity is to be avoided as it allows the painful area the chance to "seize up", and may prolong or worsen the problem. However in the case of continuedchronic back pain, you should consult your doctor. Paracetomol is an effective pain killer and there is evidence to suggest that its use is effective in cases of long tern chronic back pain.

Drugs such Ibuprofen, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, are proven to reduce inflammation and pain. They should only be used for short periods however. Longer term use could cause stomach ulcers to form or encourage some other forms of stomach illness. COX 2 inflammatory inhibitors have mostly been withdrawn from the market because of concerns over reported links with cardiac disease. If you are considering going down this route, it is important that you consult with your doctor first. Muscle relaxants that can be bought over the drug store counter also have a god record of success, but their use should be limited and not allowed to become the norm for a recurring problem. It is the cause, not the effect that needs to be diagnosed and treated.

There are a number of therapies that preach the correct way to use muscles and joints. They are based on the premise that regular misuse of muscles and joints can trigger severe pain and discomfort such a neck pain. But the neck pain is only a symptom of the body compensating for pain elsewhere. By correctly performing the therapy exercises, this pain can be cured or even prevented from occurring. Then there is also the mysterious workings of the ancient practice of acupuncture, whose results are renowned in some areas. Complex charts indicate points on the body where acupuncture needles can be inserted to relieve pain in other parts of the body. Although not totally understood by laymen, this therapy has a proven record.

Collagen plays as large role in the health of spinal discs and regular daily doses of up to 2500g of vitamin C, which supports collagen growth, can provide back pain relief. It is often recommended that taking daily doses of Glucosamine Sulphate may facilitate the repair ofchronic back pain causes.

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