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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How To Treat Chronic Tinnitus

by Dr Pam Rogers

People with tinnitus often experience ringing in the ears intermittently or constantly. For those that are subjected to the constant sounds of tinnitus the condition can be quite a trial. The never relenting ringing in the ears can be extremely frustrating and tiresome to the sufferer and they may become irritable, fatigued and highly stressed.

Chronic forms of tinnitus are divided into two groups:

1. Pulsatile tinnitus produces a pulsating sensation and sound similar to a heartbeat, within a person's ear. Other people listening close enough may actually be able to hear the same noise. As the name suggests, this condition is often related to circulatory problems, like high blood pressure levels, hardening of the arteries or damaged arteries.

2. Ringing in the ears, this is the more common condition most people associate tinnitus with, its easily recognizable as the patient will hear a ringing or humming in the ears. There are many causes for this form of the condition, some we have discovered and many more that remain a mystery. It can often be a result of meniere's disease, trauma to the ear, stress and hyper tension, unhealthy lifestyle, wax build up and exposure to loud sounds.

Remedies for tinnitus:

There are a number of remedies for tinnitus, there are medications which can reduce the severity of the noises produced, devices to mask the sounds of tinnitus which replace the offending noise with a more pleasant one and relaxation therapies which have been shown to be successful for some people, in particular meditation and yoga.

In my own personal journey to find relief from constant ringing in the ears, I found the solution that worked for me was a natural, non-invasive solution, some simple changes to my lifestyle and daily routine has allowed me to leave free from the sounds of tinnitus for over a year now. - 39969

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