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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Relationship Between High Blood Pressure and Loss of memory

by Armughan Riaz

When you've got high blood pressure, then it's best to remember the fact that it could additionally result in loss of memory with time (Dementia). In accordance with latest research, managing your blood pressure could possibly be the very best protective action against loss of memory (Dementia)

Loss of memory, together with Alzheimer's disease, and cognitive dysfunction in middle and elderly populations are associated with high blood pressure. It's well-known that hypertension is a risk factor for infarcts in brain and ischaemic subcortical white-matter lesions. Blood- brain barrier dysfunction can be seen in hypertensive sufferers which has been recommended to be concerned within the cause and pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. Psychological stress, and the formation of free oxygen radicals may additionally play a task on this regard. The findings of relationship between dementia and hypertension may have implications for prevention and treatment.

Close relationship between high blood pressure and mind has been established in accordance with recent research and studies. These research revealed a sort of scarring or scars in brain as a consequence of high blood pressure or high blood pressure. In later years of hypertensive patients these scars can result in diseases like Alzheimer's Illness and Loss of memory. Though these hypertensive scars appear in early ages however memory loss can happen a lot later. So in case you have hypertension but haven't any memory disturbances, it does not imply that in future you will not have such problem.

There is quite simple relationship between dementia and high blood pressure. Our human brain has lot of white matter lesions which act as telephone network for the brain. These white matter lesions do present a system of nerve fibers and axons that permits communication of various brain cells with one another. Even marginal blood stress increase might destroy blood cells that nourish this white matter. This interrupts the signals that brain cells send to at least one another and leads to issues like loss of memory.

Many experts do endorse this medical reality though this is comparatively a brand new study and needs the backing of recognized health care professionals. If aggressive management of hypertension may help protect the brain, National Institute of health may quickly start a research on this regard. The basic purpose of this research might be to verify if lowering blood pressure levels than the presently advised values is helpful for both brain and the heart.

The basic premise of this study is not exactly novel as the findings of this recent study may come across as new. Primary factor is always the high blood pressure that can be managed to avert cognitive decline in old age. So we will admit here that by simply controlling hypertension can assist in delaying behavioral changes that occur in old age such as impatience, restlessness, memory loss and managing BP properly can be a substantial aid in keeping memory problems like Dementia at bay in elderly.

Quality of your life can be disturbed badly by this serious problem like dementia. So, it only makes sense that you try to prevent the problem by keeping your BP in normal range.

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